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    Southern Living

    • 30 Colorful Spring Container Gardens
      30 Colorful Spring Container Gardens Out with winter and in with these bright blooms for spring.Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to cultivate your green thumb and assemble some beautiful flower combinations for con…
      - 77 days ago 14 Mar 17, 9:45pm -

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      Wall Street Journal

      • Japan's 'Haunted' Houses Mapped
        Wherever houses are haunted by misfortune, Teru Oshima wants to hear about it. He built one of Japan’s most popular real-estate websites by mapping properties with histories of ghastly events.
        - 28 Nov 14, 7:35am -
      • Simon, With Klépierre Deal, Expands Reach in Europe
        David Simon's plan to build a retail real-estate empire in Europe similar to the one his family built in the U.S. took a big step with the planned merger between France's Klépierre and Dutch rival Corio.
        - 27 Aug 14, 6:32am -
      • Bedrooms Are Replacing Cubicles
        Rents for residential units are rising amid sluggish demand for office space, flipping the traditional economic relationship between residential and commercial real estate.
        - 16 May 14, 9:12pm -
      • China Central Bank to Step Up Monitoring of Loan Default Risks
        China's central bank said it would strengthen its monitoring of default risk from loans to the property sector, local government financing companies and industries struggling with overcapacity.
        - 7 May 14, 4:12am -
      • Blackstone Seeks to Sell La Quinta
        Blackstone Group is preparing to sell its La Quinta hotel chain, valuing the limited-service hotel operator at about $4.5 billion, including debt.
        - 21 Sep 13, 2:59pm -
      • Park Slope Mansion: Never a House Divided
        A Montessori school that made its home in a 50-foot-wide stone palace since 1970 has closed, making way for what could be the most expensive private mansion ever sold, not only in Park Slope but in all of Brooklyn.
        - 14 Nov 12, 2:43am -
      • In Marine Park, Lending a Hand Is Routine
        Marine Park, a solidly middle-class enclave of attached and detached single-family homes, is the kind of place where neighbors check in on neighbors, some of whom have known each other's families for generations.
        - 3 Nov 12, 4:14am -
      • Remsen Street Townhouse Uses New Stoop to Conquer
        For homeowners Stephen Olsen and Cristina Delgado, the history of 42 Remsen St. in Brooklyn Heights has been like a picture puzzle that they have tried to piece together over time.
        - 18 Oct 12, 5:52pm -
      • Cape Cod Estate of Former Toy Executive Hits the Auction Block
        A Cape Cod estate previously listed for $12.5 million hits the auction block; in Dallas, a Mount Vernon replica formerly owned by oil tycoon H.L. Hunt lists for $24.9 million; a large Texas ranch formerly asking $44 million goes up for auction.
        - 15 Oct 12, 3:47pm -
      • Silicon Valley Versailles
        This French-château-style house, with a marble entrance, two greenhouses and a gold-leaf ceiling in the ballroom, sits in California's high-tech capital.
        - 28 Sep 12, 4:26am -
      • Italian Villa-Style Home in Los Angeles Lists For $30 Million
        An Italian villa-style home in Los Angeles lists for $30 million; a Nevada ranch goes on the market for $29.6 million; a Sydney waterfront estate asks $57.4 million.
        - 28 Sep 12, 3:30am -
      • Sticking Out in St. Croix
        This V-shaped, roughly 6,500-square-foot home in the U.S. Virgin Islands is just a stone's throw from the beach.
        - 25 Sep 12, 2:45am -
      • Chelsea Townhouse
        This four-bedroom, six-story house with elevator is one of three newly-built family-sized townhouses on a quiet residential street in London's Chelsea neighborhood.
        - 24 Sep 12, 2:24pm -
      • A Mansion Revived in Westchester
        Built in the early 1900s, this 21,000-square-foot estate in Westchester County was painstakingly renovated to both restore and revive the original spirit of the home.
        - 24 Sep 12, 1:45pm -
      • Beachfront in China's Hawaii
        This contemporary home with views of the South China Sea is located on Hainan Island, which local residents call China's Hawaii.
        - 24 Sep 12, 4:16am -
      • 'Real Housewives' Cast Members List Home for $26 Million
        "Real Housewives" cast members list their Beverly Hills home for $26 million; an East Hampton home goes on the market for $25 million; late philanthropists' home in San Francisco goes into contract.
        - 21 Sep 12, 6:16pm -
      • A Private Sydney Harbor
        This property is owned by one of Australia's leading philanthropists. It includes a boat pen for a 100-foot-long vessel, three slipways and a fully equipped workshop with 1,055-gallon diesel and gas tanks for refueling boats.
        - 21 Sep 12, 4:40am -
      • Pulling Out All the Stops in Washington
        A 17,000-square-foot home on the Puget Sound was custom built to house a 1920s-era theater organ with more than 3,000 pipes.
        - 21 Sep 12, 1:51am -
      • Miami Home Raises Its Asking Price
        A Miami home raises its asking price by 28% to $40 million; a Montana ranch owned by Brock Candy heir asks $9.5 million; actress Marsha Mason asks more for a New Mexico farm.
        - 20 Sep 12, 6:43pm -
      • Stockholm Living History
        Located in Old Town, this 1,260-square-foot apartment is in a 17th-century house with medieval foundations.
        - 20 Sep 12, 6:43pm -

      Dave Ramsey

      • $54,000 In 17 Months!
        In total, we paid off $54,000 in 17 months! Thanks Dave for your ministry! The crowns you will be able to lay at the Masters feet one day will be incredible!
        - 18 Mar 08, 6:03am -
      • Single Dad Now Debt Free!
        Dave, I did it!!! As a single father of 2 wonderful boys (ages 5 & 7), I thought it would be impossible, but 24 months later... I'M DEBT FREE!!!!!
        - 18 Mar 08, 6:03am -
      • I Can't Wait to Lead My Own Class!
        Jenna just graduated from FPU, but she's already looking forward to leading classes in the near future!
        - 20 Jul 07, 6:07am -
      • We Are Now Better than We Deserve!
        Our only regret is that while watching the FPU videos over and over, we realize how much stupid tax we have paid!
        - 23 Mar 07, 6:03am -
      • We learned to buy only big, big bargains!
        FPU Coordinators Joe and Alicia describe the blessings they have received since finding Financial Peace.
        - 10 Jan 07, 6:01am -
      • I Committed My Life to 2 Things
        Rick shares his testimony and journey of committing his life and being an FPU coordinator.
        - 23 Aug 06, 6:08am -
      • FPU Is A Great Way To Meet New People!
        The McCords attended FPU at a different church in the community and have benefited from the course in multiple ways!
        - 27 Jul 06, 6:07am -
      • FPU Taking Living to the Next Level
        After FPU took Stephanie's "commitment to debt-free living to the next level," she lead a course and now shares an incredible story from a couple in her class.
        - 20 Mar 06, 6:03am -
      • Online Potluck Highlights
        Here are a few of the stories from the celebration for you to enjoy. You can read them all by signing into the Community and entering the Fellowship Hall.
        - 29 Nov 05, 6:11am -
      • No AC? No Sweat, thanks to FPU!
        "I am SO thankful that the course was offered at my church and that I had the opporunity to enroll."
        - 4 Oct 05, 6:10am -

      The Economist

      • Donald Trump is remodelling the right
        “CONSERVATISM can and does mean different things to those who call themselves conservatives,” said Ronald Reagan soothingly, in an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in 1977. He referred to social conservatism and economic co…
        - 95 days ago 24 Feb 17, 11:01pm -
      • Detroit’s long road to recovery begins downtown
        “THE Corvette was designed here,” says Jacques Panis, the president of Shinola, a maker of trendy watches, bikes and turntables, at the start of a tour of the company's workshop and offices. Five years ago Shinola set up shop on two floors in Det…
        - 95 days ago 24 Feb 17, 6:38pm -
      • The Trump administration reverses guidelines on transgender bathrooms
        ON February 22nd, the Trump administration announced it would withdraw its predecessor’s guidelines regarding the accommodation of transgender students in America’s government-funded schools. Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press secretary, said th…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 4:15pm -
      • How courts correct mistakes in the criminal justice system depends on where you live
        IN NOVEMBER 1999, a 25-year-old Kansan named Tom Bledsoe confessed to the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl. Just days later, however, Mr Bledsoe recanted, pinning the crime instead on his younger brother, Floyd. When the jury gave its verdict in…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • Replacing Obamacare’s subsidies for the poor is no easy task
        The oppositionAS REPUBLICAN congressmen were berated by constituents this week for their desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act (see Lexington), wonks in Washington continued to work on a replacement. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has promis…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • A scourge of the EPA takes over at the EPA
        TO STAND on a pontoon besides the Anacostia River, which runs for 8.5 miles through Maryland and the southern part of Washington, DC, is to gauge the progress America has made in cleaning up its waterways. The Anacostia, which empties into the Potoma…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • H.R. McMaster, the new national security adviser, is a great improvement
        HR sent this guyTHE 22 national security advisers who served Donald Trump’s predecessors included two army or marine generals. On February 20th Mr Trump equalled that tally in less than a month, by appointing Lieutenant-General H.R. McMaster to suc…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • Who should lead the Democrats after their calamitous defeat?
        Buttigieg, Maltese falcon“IN TERMS of the next chair of the DNC, however, the question is simple,” according to Bernie Sanders. “Do we stay with a failed status-quo approach or do we go forward with a fundamental restructuring of the Democratic…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • Protesters are confronting members of Congress in a way not seen since the Tea Party’s rise
        IF THE gravest threat to democracy is indifference, have some faith in Donald Trump’s America. For the president is not just good at rallying throngs of his own supporters. He is also firing up his critics in a way that offers some echoes of the Te…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • Congress and the courts will poke holes in the president’s deportation plans
        ICE air to GuatemalaAT ONE point as a candidate for president, Donald Trump vowed to expel all 11m undocumented immigrants estimated to live in America. At other points he also talked about concentrating deportation efforts on “bad people”, which…
        - 96 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:44pm -
      • When do foreigners have rights under America’s constitution?
        DISPUTES that reach the Supreme Court tend to be hard cases—conflicts concerning government power or individual rights that confound and divide judges serving on lower courts. Hernández v Mesa, which revolves around the tragic death of a Mexican…
        - 97 days ago 22 Feb 17, 6:58am -
      • A church-state case may be an early test for Neil Gorsuch
        A RECENT ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio could set up the first major religious-liberty case Neil Gorsuch may help resolve if the Senate confirms his nomination to the Supreme Court this spring. The Sixth Circuit case concerns a…
        - 98 days ago 21 Feb 17, 4:05pm -


      Huffington Post US

      • newStranger Buys Plane Ticket For Army Soldier Struggling To Get Home For Memorial Day
        A simple gesture turned into a defining moment for Josh Rainey from Glendale, Missouri.The good Samaritan spotted a young soldier waiting to fly standby at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport ahead of Memorial Day weekend, several news outlets re…
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 9:23am -
      • newDying Portland Train Hero's Message Of Love After Standing Up To Hate
        A man fatally injured on a Portland train after intervening in a hate attack shared a message of love with the woman who comforted him.Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, and father-of-four Ricky John Best, 53, were both fatally stabbed Friday when…
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 9:13am -
      • newWATCH: Mama Elk Fights Off A Bear To Save Her Calf
        Never get between a mama elk and her calf. A black bear in Arizona learned that lesson the hard way in a scene caught on video. Footage that Shannon Seville of Flagstaff filmed and posted on Facebook and YouTube last week shows the bear taking a…
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:46am -
      • newEven 'Doctor Who' Is Trolling Trump Now
        The popular BBC sci-fi show “Doctor Who” took a not-so-subtle jab at President Donald Trump in its latest episode. Early in “The Pyramid At The End Of The World,” the secretary-general of the United Nations asks the Doctor’s companion B…
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:39am -
      • newAerospace Executive 'Absolutely Convinced' There Are Aliens On Earth
        In an eye-opening interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, aerospace mogul and entrepreneur Robert Bigelow said he was ‘absolutely convicted’ there were alien visitors living to Earth.Most of the segment focused on how NASA and the Las Vegas-b…
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:15am -
      • newWhy Asian-American Seniors Have High Rates Of Depression But Rarely Seek Help
        Time after time, Joy Luangphaxay would see Asian-American seniors come to the nonprofit Hamilton-Madison House accompanied by their adult children and complain to therapists about their difficulty falling sleeping. That they’d had many a restless…
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:06am -
      • newOregon GOP Official Wants Private Militias To Protect Republicans
        A Republican leader in Oregon says the party may use private militias, including groups widely recognized as antigovernment extremists, to protect GOP officials.The move comes after Friday’s deadly stabbing attack in Portland in which two people w…
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 7:48am -
      • newFormer Panamanian Strongman Manuel Noriega Dead At 83
        PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who spied for the CIA before his drug trafficking and brutal regime sparked a U.S. invasion in 1989, has died aged 83.President Juan Carlos Varela announced Noriega’s death on Twit…
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:33am -
      • newJessica Chastain Calls Out Cannes Films For Dismal Portrayal Of Women Characters
        Jessica Chastain concluded her time as a jury member of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival by speaking candidly about a trend she found “quite disturbing” after watching 20 films in 10 days.“The one thing I really took away from this experience is…
        - 7 hours ago 30 May 17, 4:17am -
      • newCAUGHT ON VIDEO: Great White Shark Attacks Kayak In Monterey Bay
        A California kayaker in scenic Monterey Bay got the scare of a lifetime when a great white shark knocked him into the water, then repeatedly attacked his boat.Footage from the incident showed Brian Correiar swimming away from the scene as the 14-fo…
        - 7 hours ago 30 May 17, 3:53am -
      • newKushner Following Trump's Orders On Secret Link With Russia, Ex-CIA Official Suggests
        Investigations into Russian interference in the American presidential election aren’t only getting close to Donald Trump, they’ve begun to stir up concerns about the chain of command.Reports that top White House adviser Jared Kushner attempted…
        - 7 hours ago 30 May 17, 3:32am -
      • newKentucky Newspaper’s Windows Shattered Amid Rising Anti-Press Climate
        The Lexington Herald-Leader is staying “vigilant” after several of its windows were shattered Sunday morning, Editor Peter Baniak said Monday.Police believe the damage is consistent with small-caliber bullet fire. No one was hurt in the incident,…
        - 9 hours ago 30 May 17, 1:46am -
      • newFurious Bryce Harper Charges Mound In Bench-Clearing Memorial Day Brawl
        WASHINGTON — Memorial Day fireworks erupted at AT&T Park in San Francisco Monday after a 98 mph fastball from pitcher Hunter Strickland hit Washington Nationals’ star Bryce Harper on the hip.Harper pointed his bat at the Giants pitcher, charged…
        - 10 hours ago 30 May 17, 12:53am -
      • newTrump Copied Another Family's Coat Of Arms
         WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, is marking golf properties and related products in the U.S with a coat of arms that belongs to a different family, after being barred by British authorities from doing so i…
        - 13 hours ago 29 May 17, 9:44pm -
      • newJohn McCain: Vladimir Putin Is A Greater Threat To National Security Than ISIS
        In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Monday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the premier and most important” national security threat to the United States, “more so” than the Islamic…
        - 13 hours ago 29 May 17, 9:41pm -


      • newQuestions over Russia ties have deepened in President's nine-day absence
        President Donald Trump's odyssey through Europe and the Middle East fulfilled a more narrow political focus for the reeling White House: It was a nine-day distraction from the dominant narrative of a presidency under siege.
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 9:00am -
      • newMcCain hits back at WH defense of Kushner
        Arizona Sen. John McCain is not pleased about reports that Jared Kushner proposed setting up a secret communications channel between the Trump transition team and the Kremlin.
        - 10 hours ago 30 May 17, 1:10am -
      • newIvanka Trump, Jared Kushner keeping their heads down
        Two of President Donald Trump's closest aides, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, are keeping their heads down.
        - 14 hours ago 29 May 17, 8:49pm -
      • newHayden: No evidence of Russia collusion, but ...
        Former CIA director Michael Hayden says there's not enough evidence for him to say that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, but said there is enough to justify an investigation.
        - 14 hours ago 29 May 17, 8:36pm -
      • newIvanka Trump brand's popsicle tweet gets icy reception
        President Donald Trump's daughter faced backlash after her lifestyle brand's Twitter account -- "IvankaTrumpHQ" -- gave what some considered an insensitive Memorial Day holiday tip.
        - 12 hours ago 29 May 17, 11:00pm -
      • newOpinion: Trump, Kushner and the loyalty trap
        Having managed nine days abroad with just a few slip-ups blamed on exhaustion, our President has returned to a White House in crisis. In his absence, the scandals, which can be summarized under the heading "Trump and Russia," now threaten Donald Trum…
        - 14 hours ago 29 May 17, 9:18pm -
      • newOusted Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dead at 83
        Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian dictator and convicted drug trafficker who was once one of Central America's most notorious military strongmen, has died, according to a tweet by Panama's President on his verified Twitter account.
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 6:20am -
      • Tiger Woods blames DUI on pain meds

        - -
      • newGolfer experienced 'unexpected reaction'
        Golf legend Tiger Woods was arrested on May 29th in Jupiter, Florida, on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to police. He said it was "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications."
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:47am -
      • newPortland mayor asks feds to stop 'alt-right' rallies
        The mayor of Portland, Oregon, is trying to stop what he describes as two upcoming "alt-right" demonstrations as his city continues to mourn the stabbing deaths of two residents who intervened in a possible hate crime.
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:54am -
      • newGirl on train: They died for us
        As tears streamed down her cheeks, Destinee Mangum, 16, thanked the three strangers who intervened on a Portland light rail after a man hurled anti-Muslim slurs at her and her friend who was wearing a hijab.
        - 6 hours ago 30 May 17, 4:49am -
      • newOpinion: Portland is not as liberal as you think
        A few hours after news broke of the horrific attack on a commuter train in Portland, Oregon, that left two dead and one seriously wounded, I received a text message from a friend in North Carolina. It contained one word: "Portland?!"
        - 18 hours ago 29 May 17, 4:52pm -
      • newBritain's young voters are angry, not apathetic
        Middlesbrough, England: Just over a year ago, 20-year-old Londoner Kismet Meyon was homeless. It was the second time she'd found herself without a roof over her head.
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 7:44am -
      • newISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bomb
        At least 10 people were killed and 40 were wounded when a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad early Tuesday, according to officials in the Iraqi capital.
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:21am -
      • Sportswriter Frank Deford dies

        - -
      • newProtest, turmoil rock Texas House floor
        Texas ended its contentious legislative session Monday as protesters packed into the state Capitol over a new ban on sanctuary cities, and lawmakers erupted into a heated argument with alleged death threats on the House floor.
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:05am -
      • new9 days later, Trump hasn't changed
        Donald Trump's global statesman act lasted all of 12 hours back in the United States.
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:57am -
      • newTrump hotel event raises ethics concerns
        The Trump International Hotel in Washington hosted a conference for a business group that aims to improve relations between the US and Turkey, showcasing the complicated entanglements surrounding Trump's business as President and hotel keeper. CNN's…
        - 14 hours ago 29 May 17, 9:14pm -
      • newTrump condemns racially charged Portland stabbings
        President Donald Trump condemned the racially charged Portland, Oregon, train stabbings on Monday, tweeting that they were "unacceptable."
        - 6 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:02am -
      • newPresident Trump: 'To every Gold Star family: God is with you'
        President Donald Trump will honor US service members who made the ultimate sacrifice when he visits Arlington National Cemetery in recognition of Memorial Day Monday morning.
        - 19 hours ago 29 May 17, 4:20pm -

      Associated Press

      • new10 Things to Know for Today
        Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Tuesday:...
        - 1 hour ago 30 May 17, 10:00am -
      • newNighttime, early morning bombings in Baghdad kill 27
        BAGHDAD (AP) -- A massive bombing by the Islamic State group outside a popular ice cream shop in central Baghdad and a rush hour car bomb in another downtown area killed at least 27 people on Tuesday, Iraqi officials said....
        - 2 hours ago 30 May 17, 9:30am -
      • newFrom Nikki Haley, another side of Trump's 'America First'
        BAB AL-HAWA, Turkey-Syria Border (AP) -- Nikki Haley crouched low in the trailer of an 18-wheeler taping up a box of lentils and wheat for besieged Syrians, her hands-on diplomacy a world apart from the gleaming new NATO headquarters where Pre…
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 8:06am -
      • newTrump pays somber tribute to fallen troops on Memorial Day
        ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- President Donald Trump expressed the nation's "boundless" gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice paid by Americans defending the United States, dedicating his first Memorial Day address as commander in chief…
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 7:40am -
      • newFormer Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83
        PANAMA CITY (AP) -- Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, a onetime U.S. ally who was ousted as Panama's dictator by an American invasion in 1989, died late Monday at age 83....
        - 3 hours ago 30 May 17, 7:32am -
      • newSuspect in Portland light rail slayings to appear in court
        PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- The man police say fatally stabbed two other men who tried to shield young women from an anti-Muslim tirade on a Portland, Oregon, light-rail train makes his initial court appearance Monday and the city's mayor says…
        - 4 hours ago 30 May 17, 7:23am -
      • newSignificant dates in life of ex-Panamanian dictator Noriega
        Significant events in life of former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega:...
        - 4 hours ago 30 May 17, 6:57am -
      • newTiger Woods says medication, not alcohol, led to DUI arrest
        Players arriving for a tournament this week at Muirfield Village might notice a framed picture of Tiger Woods with a resplendent smile and bright red shirt. He's posed there with the trophy, an image that embodies the excitement he once brought…
        - 5 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:58am -
      • newProtest sparks Texas lawmaker threats of gun violence
        AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Hundreds of protesters opposing Texas' tough new anti-"sanctuary cities" law launched a raucous demonstration from the public gallery in the Texas House on Monday, briefly halting work and prompting lawmake…
        - 6 hours ago 30 May 17, 5:15am -
      • newUltimate sacrifice: Teen dies shielding cousin from gunfire
        BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (AP) -- It was after midnight when a gunman burst into the living room of a southern Mississippi home where young people were playing video games....
        - 7 hours ago 30 May 17, 4:27am -

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