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  • Time might be running out on low rates
    Long-term rates are hanging on by fingertips to a key level, the stock market has the sillies (again), and all incoming economic reports are hot. It’s going to take a negative event (geopolitical or economic) to hold rates down where they have been…
    - 2 days ago 21 Oct 17, 2:00am -
  • Hurricanes dampen Houzz’s Q3 renovation barometer results
    Houzz released its Q3 Renovation Barometer, a report that tracks confidence in the home renovation market among a range of industry professionals, such as interior designers, architects and professional landscapers ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 11:00pm -
  • How to bump up your cash flow
    Watch founder, president and designated broker of Tru Realty Sarah Richardson talk about how to "obtain high margins and manage like a tightwad" on the Inman Connect stage ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 11:00pm -
  • Sellers desperately want to be free of home stalked by ‘The Watcher’
    You just bought a million-dollar, six-bedroom dream house where your family including three small children will live for years to come. Days after the purchase, you start receiving disturbing letters ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 10:16pm -
  • America’s hottest ZIP codes are cool under-the-radar suburbs has announced its 2017 hottest ZIP codes, and 10 Texas, Colorado, Michigan and California towns dominated the list. analyzed 32,000 ZIP codes based on the time it takes properties to sell and how frequently homes are viewed in…
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:25pm -
  • Harvey Weinstein’s Hamptons estate vanishes from the market
    As shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein faces a barrage of sexual assault and rape allegations -- from more than 40 women -- his 9,000 square foot Hamptons mansion has been yanked from the market ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:22pm -
  • Property lost to California wildfires exceeds $1B
    California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today released preliminary data reflecting $1.045 billion in property losses as a result of the Northern California wildfires ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 7:04pm -
  • Rising sea levels could submerge 1.9M homes by 2100
    Zillow has tapped its rich database of properties to underscore the economic catastrophe in store if U.S. policymakers fail to address rising sea levels. As an effect of climate change, rising sea levels are already impacting coastal communities ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 6:58pm -
  • Existing-home sales make surprise September rebound
    After a summer full of setbacks, existing-home sales made forward progress in September, indicating that the temporary effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are starting to pass. However, the long-term lack of housing supply means that the increase i…
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 3:42pm -
  • The one app you need to help you sell to Chinese buyers
    It's called WeChat, and it's available for free. Here's why agents hoping to sell to Chinese buyers should consider putting it on their business cards ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 3:07pm -
  • Voiceter Pro debuts new Alexa home valuation skill
    Voiceter Pro CEO Miguel Berger announced this week that his Amazon Echo-powered real estate software has learned a new way to help potential home sellers: owners of the talkative smart appliance can now inquire about the current value of their home .…
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 10:00am -
  • How to turn the social media spotlight on you
    Rick Guerrero talks with Albert Leao, of, to discuss four strategies on gaining stronger exposure through social media ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:55am -
  • 20 tips for marketing your brand on Instagram
    Beyonce’s infamous pregnancy announcements, Taylor Swift’s make-up flowers from Kanye West, sultry stares from Selena Gomez and enough selfies from Kim Kardashian to make a book -- what do all of these images have in common? They live on Instagra…
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:30am -
  • 3 things luxury agents should know about Russian real estate
    Russia takes the 16 spot on the list of countries with the most millionaires at 152,000. Its wealth is extremely concentrated, which means that those who are rich are very rich ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:15am -
  • Selling a haunted house? Have no fear
    A few years ago, my friends and I went on an after-dark tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia during its Halloween scarefest, Terror Behind the Walls ...
    - 2 days ago 20 Oct 17, 9:00am -
  • Capture all the Facebook seller leads you can before it’s too late
    Every agent is trying to generate seller leads on Facebook, but they're missing some of the most important pieces to the puzzle. Quality online lead capture requires a sophisticated ad campaign and creative, and most importantly an engaging experienc…
    - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 11:47pm -
  • Real estate daily market update: October 19, 2017
    All the latest real estate market news ...
    - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 10:00pm -
  • How to sell your tech company
    CEO Duane LeGate started Commissions, Inc., the fastest growing real estate tech company, in 2011. Five years and five months later, he sold it for around 240 million dollars. Now with three sold companies under his belt, this serial entrepreneur is…
    - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 10:00pm -

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    • Japan's 'Haunted' Houses Mapped
      Wherever houses are haunted by misfortune, Teru Oshima wants to hear about it. He built one of Japan’s most popular real-estate websites by mapping properties with histories of ghastly events.
      - 28 Nov 14, 7:35am -
    • Simon, With Klépierre Deal, Expands Reach in Europe
      David Simon's plan to build a retail real-estate empire in Europe similar to the one his family built in the U.S. took a big step with the planned merger between France's Klépierre and Dutch rival Corio.
      - 27 Aug 14, 6:32am -
    • Bedrooms Are Replacing Cubicles
      Rents for residential units are rising amid sluggish demand for office space, flipping the traditional economic relationship between residential and commercial real estate.
      - 16 May 14, 9:12pm -
    • China Central Bank to Step Up Monitoring of Loan Default Risks
      China's central bank said it would strengthen its monitoring of default risk from loans to the property sector, local government financing companies and industries struggling with overcapacity.
      - 7 May 14, 4:12am -
    • Blackstone Seeks to Sell La Quinta
      Blackstone Group is preparing to sell its La Quinta hotel chain, valuing the limited-service hotel operator at about $4.5 billion, including debt.
      - 21 Sep 13, 2:59pm -
    • Park Slope Mansion: Never a House Divided
      A Montessori school that made its home in a 50-foot-wide stone palace since 1970 has closed, making way for what could be the most expensive private mansion ever sold, not only in Park Slope but in all of Brooklyn.
      - 14 Nov 12, 2:43am -
    • In Marine Park, Lending a Hand Is Routine
      Marine Park, a solidly middle-class enclave of attached and detached single-family homes, is the kind of place where neighbors check in on neighbors, some of whom have known each other's families for generations.
      - 3 Nov 12, 4:14am -
    • Remsen Street Townhouse Uses New Stoop to Conquer
      For homeowners Stephen Olsen and Cristina Delgado, the history of 42 Remsen St. in Brooklyn Heights has been like a picture puzzle that they have tried to piece together over time.
      - 18 Oct 12, 5:52pm -
    • Cape Cod Estate of Former Toy Executive Hits the Auction Block
      A Cape Cod estate previously listed for $12.5 million hits the auction block; in Dallas, a Mount Vernon replica formerly owned by oil tycoon H.L. Hunt lists for $24.9 million; a large Texas ranch formerly asking $44 million goes up for auction.
      - 15 Oct 12, 3:47pm -
    • Silicon Valley Versailles
      This French-château-style house, with a marble entrance, two greenhouses and a gold-leaf ceiling in the ballroom, sits in California's high-tech capital.
      - 28 Sep 12, 4:26am -
    • Italian Villa-Style Home in Los Angeles Lists For $30 Million
      An Italian villa-style home in Los Angeles lists for $30 million; a Nevada ranch goes on the market for $29.6 million; a Sydney waterfront estate asks $57.4 million.
      - 28 Sep 12, 3:30am -
    • Sticking Out in St. Croix
      This V-shaped, roughly 6,500-square-foot home in the U.S. Virgin Islands is just a stone's throw from the beach.
      - 25 Sep 12, 2:45am -
    • Chelsea Townhouse
      This four-bedroom, six-story house with elevator is one of three newly-built family-sized townhouses on a quiet residential street in London's Chelsea neighborhood.
      - 24 Sep 12, 2:24pm -
    • A Mansion Revived in Westchester
      Built in the early 1900s, this 21,000-square-foot estate in Westchester County was painstakingly renovated to both restore and revive the original spirit of the home.
      - 24 Sep 12, 1:45pm -
    • Beachfront in China's Hawaii
      This contemporary home with views of the South China Sea is located on Hainan Island, which local residents call China's Hawaii.
      - 24 Sep 12, 4:16am -
    • 'Real Housewives' Cast Members List Home for $26 Million
      "Real Housewives" cast members list their Beverly Hills home for $26 million; an East Hampton home goes on the market for $25 million; late philanthropists' home in San Francisco goes into contract.
      - 21 Sep 12, 6:16pm -
    • A Private Sydney Harbor
      This property is owned by one of Australia's leading philanthropists. It includes a boat pen for a 100-foot-long vessel, three slipways and a fully equipped workshop with 1,055-gallon diesel and gas tanks for refueling boats.
      - 21 Sep 12, 4:40am -
    • Pulling Out All the Stops in Washington
      A 17,000-square-foot home on the Puget Sound was custom built to house a 1920s-era theater organ with more than 3,000 pipes.
      - 21 Sep 12, 1:51am -
    • Miami Home Raises Its Asking Price
      A Miami home raises its asking price by 28% to $40 million; a Montana ranch owned by Brock Candy heir asks $9.5 million; actress Marsha Mason asks more for a New Mexico farm.
      - 20 Sep 12, 6:43pm -
    • Stockholm Living History
      Located in Old Town, this 1,260-square-foot apartment is in a 17th-century house with medieval foundations.
      - 20 Sep 12, 6:43pm -

    Dave Ramsey

    • newHow to Budget for the High Cost of Child Care
      If you feel like daycare prices are crazy, you're not alone! Rachel Cruze gives some practical advice on how to budget for those high daycare prices.
      - 19 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Turning Point: Tired of Playing the Game
      Justin and Lauren's vicious cycle with credit cards led to a wake-up call on their son's first birthday.
      - 4 days ago 19 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How to Budget Without Sacrificing What You Enjoy
      What's the right balance between doing what you love and budgeting for your money goals? Here are a few ways to save on some of the most fun budget categories.
      - 4 days ago 19 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • 10 Things Retirement-Savvy People Do Differently
      We've got 10 real-life habits of investors who are winning with their retirement, so check these habits out to see how they can work for you too.
      - 6 days ago 17 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • 15 Practical Budgeting Tips
      Budgeting doesn't have to be complicated, it just gives you plan for how to effectively spend your money. Here are 15 budgeting tips for your daily life!
      - 7 days ago 16 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Dave's Investing Philosophy
      Dave Ramsey's investing philosophy isn't complicated and can be replicated by anyone who is interested in investing. Find out how he invests his money!
      - 7 days ago 16 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Do This First If You Want to Get Out of Debt
      It’s time for a change. Are you ready to become smarter about your money decisions? Here’s the first step you need to take to get the ball rolling.
      - 7 days ago 16 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Complete Guide to Renting Out a House
      Renting out your house for extra income sounds like a good idea, but consider the pros and cons before renting your home. Are you ready to be a landlord?
      - 7 days ago 16 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How to Battle Temptation in the Search for Your Starter Home
      For bank-qualified first-time buyers, the lure of the instant dream home is often too strong to resist.
      - 11 days ago 12 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How to Become a Great Leader
      Leadership qualities can be learned no matter what your personality may be. Here are 20 principles to inspire you to embrace the leader within.
      - 14 days ago 9 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • The Truth About the Joneses
      Are you ready to love your life? Rachel Cruze shares the seven money habits you need to know in her #1 national best seller, Love Your Life, Not Theirs.
      - 14 days ago 9 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • The Truth About Money and Relationships
      Money fights are the number one predictor of divorce. Learn how to not let money ruin your relationship or marriage.
      - 14 days ago 9 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Micro Investing Apps: What You Need to Know
      Micro investing apps help people regularly save small sums of money and are a new trend in investing. Find out if Dave Ramsey recommends micro investing!
      - 14 days ago 9 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • They Had Nothing to Lose – Except 141K of Debt
      Jason and Amanda were surprised at how quickly they were able to knock out $141,000 of debt. Watch their story of becoming debt-free!
      - 18 days ago 5 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • 3 Ways to Make Your Post-Retirement Plan Last
      Post-retirement savings can get tricky and complex if you're not well-informed. Understand how to make your post-retirement plan last with a financial advisor.
      - 19 days ago 4 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How Bankruptcy Led Cody to Become a Financial Coach
      Like Dave, Cody went through bankruptcy and wanted to use his experience for good. Now Cody is coaching others to avoid the same mistakes he made.
      - 19 days ago 4 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How to Save Money Fast
      Learn how to save money fast with these tips! We show you how to change your money habits and save $1,000 in just one month.
      - 21 days ago 2 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • Do I Need Flood Insurance?
      What does flood insurance cover and which kind is right for you? Learn about the types of flood insurance and what you can do to save money on yours!
      - 21 days ago 2 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
      Here are some tips on protecting yourself from identity theft and what to do if you become an identity fraud victim. Protect your identity today!
      - 21 days ago 2 Oct 17, 12:00am -
    • There’s a Dave-ism for That . . .
      We're counting down 10 of our favorite Dave zingers from 25 years of The Dave Ramsey Show.
      - 25 days ago 28 Sep 17, 12:00am -

    The Economist

    • Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump manifesto could cost him his job
      EVEN if Donald Trump had not become president, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona would probably still be facing a challenge in the Republican Senate primary in 2018. Grassroots conservatives in Arizona have long distrusted him for his perceived apostasy,…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 5:50pm -
    • Fiscal conservatism, RIP

      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • Governors’ races have become contests between bajillionaires
      Citizens for RaunerTHOUGH the primary is not until next March, the election to be the next governor of Illinois is already on track to become the most expensive in state political history, overtaking the $280m fight for the governorship of California…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • The president’s indecision on health care is costly for middle-earners
      INSURANCE is supposed to be about the careful management of risk. Recently, for America’s health insurers, it has had a lot to do with keeping track of President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. On October 12th the White House announced that it would…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • Two white-shoe Republican candidates go full Breitbart
      EVER since Donald Trump’s victory emboldened the Republican Party’s nativist wing, the dirtiest words with which a Republican can be tarred have not four letters, but 8 and 13: “moderate” and “establishment”. Unfortunately, those accurate…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • America’s first opioid court is working well
      “YOU got to be selfish. You got to do what’s best for you,” says Craig Hannah, a judge in Buffalo, New York, to the young man standing before the bench. “Yeah, I know,” replies Patrick Bruno, “It’s so hard.” Mr Hannah runs the country…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • Counties that voted for the president get more in disaster relief
      “NOBODY could have done what I’ve done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation,” President Donald Trump announced on October 8th. Boricuas, as denizens of the island are known, have yet to display the gratitude their president seeks. The is…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • The story of Puerto Rico’s power grid is the story of Puerto Rico
      Elon, where are you?IN A room beneath the smokestacks of the Aguirre steam plant in south-eastern Puerto Rico, an engineer points to a colourful poster entitled “How Electricity Arrives at Your Home”. In normal circumstances, explains Alexis Torr…
      - 3 days ago 19 Oct 17, 2:57pm -
    • Donald Trump’s latest travel ban is blocked by two federal judges
      SEVEN months ago, Derrick Watson, a federal judge in Hawaii, blocked Donald Trump’s second ban on travel from Muslim countries before it could go into effect. The “illogic” of the administration's desire to keep hundreds of millions of travelle…
      - 4 days ago 18 Oct 17, 3:05pm -
    • Transcript: Interview with Hillary Clinton
      THIS week’s edition of “The Economist Asks”, our flagship interview podcast, features an interview with Hillary Clinton. The full transcript, lightly edited for clarity, follows. Listen to the podcast here. For a full list of all our podcasts,…
      - 5 days ago 17 Oct 17, 4:11pm -
    • Why Ivanka Trump wants to extend the child tax credit
      THERE were hopes, in the early days of the Trump administration, that Ivanka Trump would be a moderating influence on her father. She encouraged them, by talking up the progressive causes she claimed to cherish: climate change, the rights of gay and…
      - 6 days ago 16 Oct 17, 6:44pm -
    • Allegations of sexual abuse have ended Harvey Weinstein’s career
      STORIES about Harvey Weinstein, the mogul who brought best-picture winners “Shakespeare in Love” and “The King’s Speech” to the screen, had been whispered around Hollywood for years. Famous actresses warned others about his behaviour. Power…
      - 10 days ago 12 Oct 17, 10:18am -


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    Associated Press

    • newJapanese Prime Minister Abe heads to impressive election win
      TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's ruling coalition appeared headed to an impressive win in national elections on Sunday, in what would represent an endorsement for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's nearly five-year leadership....
      - 56 mins ago 22 Oct 17, 6:20pm -
    • newAP Top 25: Notre Dame cracks top 10; Michigan drops out
      Notre Dame cracked the top 10 of The Associated Press college football poll for the first time this season, coming in at No. 9, and Michigan fell out of the rankings for the first time in two years....
      - 1 hour ago 22 Oct 17, 6:06pm -
    • newSpain: Taking control of Catalonia means big power transfer
      BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy left the nation breathless when he announced the steps he wants to take to crush the separatist movement in the prosperous Catalonia region....
      - 2 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 5:41pm -
    • newWorld Health Organization revokes appointment of Mugabe
      JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- The head of the World Health Organization revoked his appointment of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe as a "goodwill ambassador" on Sunday after the choice drew widespread outrage and criticism. Zimbabwe&a…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 4:47pm -
    • newUS-backed forces take Syria's largest oil field from IS
      BEIRUT (AP) -- U.S.-backed fighters captured Syria's largest oil field from the Islamic State group Sunday, marking a major advance against the extremists in an area coveted by pro-government forces....
      - 3 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 4:21pm -
    • newDramatic sentencing hearing expected in Bergdahl case
      RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The fate of Bowe Bergdahl - the Army sergeant who pleaded guilty to endangering his comrades by leaving his post in 2009 in Afghanistan - now rests in the hands of a judge....
      - 3 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 4:13pm -
    • newTrump voting commission criticized for lack of transparency
      President Donald Trump's advisory commission on election integrity has integrity questions of its own - with some of its own members raising concerns about its openness....
      - 5 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 2:05pm -
    • newMalta politicians to miss rally honoring slain reporter
      VALLETTA, Malta (AP) -- A rally planned in Malta to honor an investigative journalist killed by a car bomb was uniting many of the nation's politicians with some notable exceptions: the prime minister and the Parliament opposition leader…
      - 5 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 1:52pm -
    • newLetter penned a day before Titanic sank sold at UK auction
      LONDON (AP) -- A letter written by one of the Titanic's passengers a day before the ocean liner sank has sold for 126,000 pounds ($166,000) at an auction in England....
      - 7 hours ago 22 Oct 17, 12:37pm -

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